When does your child need early intervention?

  • Is your child affected with any inborn orthopedic and neurological problem?

  • Do you find your child has any abnormality?

  • Is your child below 3 years of age with developmental delay and developmental disability?

  • Does your child miss a milestone?

  • Is your child born premature?

Early intervention refers to offering services to the child at the very earlier stage. It emphasizes the services to be started as soon as possible when the abnormality is diagnosed. This will prevent the decline in milestone development and provide nurture of learning experiences for children of developmental delays in the area of speech and language skills, cognition, social & emotional behavior, self care and fine and gross motor skills.

Our over all aim of this services is family centered. It provides parents and families well acquainted with the knowledge and skills possessed by their children so as to support to meet the needs of their children to optimize the developmental ability and make them to participate in the family and community life. The family centered approach recognizes the importance of the partnership of the child in the family.

We want to help your family by doing well to your child. Our services can shape the life of your child at its level best. Parent's expectation of the child's uplift in life can be fulfilled by our sincere services.