When does your child need Sensory integration?

  • Has your child a tendency to avoid or reject simple sensory or motor challenges – responding with refusals or tantrums when pushed to perform?

  • Is your child exerting too much pressure on a pencil and writing illegible letters?

  • Does your child seem hyperactive with poor concern about safety issues that is disruptive and inappropriate to social situations?

  • Does your child show any behavioural problem?

  • Is your child showing poor academic performance that makes you worry?

  • Does your child demonstrate unusual reaction to sound, smell, touch, light and movement?

Our therapists are skilled in both theoretical and practical use of sensory integration techniques. ‘Sensory Integration is the process of organizing sensory information in the brain to make an adaptive response'.

The goal of our therapy is to streamline the production of sensory information in proper way. In the scheme we are not going to teach skills but by using suspended equipments and sensory stimulating equipments facilitate your child's motor planning, scholastic abilities ( handwriting, reading, spelling), articulation abilities, emotional tone ( self esteem, self control, self confidence) activity level ( attention and concentration) and perceptual skills.

Our therapist train your child and make him elicit appropriate behaviour and motor skills through which a neat, perceptive, progressive and efficient academic performance will be achieved that help him to shape his future in better way and make him to face the competitive world bravely with confidence.