When does your child need Special education?  

•  Does your child seem to show poor interest and making slow progress in the normal school life?

•  Does your child takes more time to understand appropriate concept despite of its age?

•  Is your child affected by any genetic disorders?

•  Do you find your child has problem with vision, hearing, speech and language?

•  Is your child delayed development in age appropriate milestones?

•  Do you find your child has specific difficulties in reading, writing and maths?

The child of special needs has the ‘right' to lead a normal life like the common. Being a part of the family he has to attend the family function and take part in the local community program. In future he has to hold a job to earn its bread. By specialized education we train the child fit for the society leading a normal life and facing the future competitive world bravely.

Our special educator delivers extra help, adapted programs and learning environments. We used specialized equipments to support the child to boost up the learning process and create interest in participating in educational activities with care.

Our special educators involve in all the levels of needs and take responsibility for creating a safe, stimulating and supportive learning environment for special need pupils.

Our special educator are proud of having an opportunity to train up the exceptionally gifted children making them shine more effectively in the selected field, such a price worthy job wins the universal appreciation to both pupils as well as educators.