When does your child need Speech therapy ?

  • Do you find your child has delayed in speech and language skills?

  • Do you find your child has difficulty in exposing expressive and receptive language?

  • Do you find your child has some problem in hearing?

  • Do you find your child has stammering and stuttering?

  • Does your child feel difficulty in swallowing solid and liquid foods?

  • Does your child find problems in producing sound according to syllables combined in words?

Our experienced therapist gives suitable treatment to the child which is helpful to enhance intentional communication via expression of ideas. They can make the child to reveal its desire and share the information and interpersonal interaction.

Our speech therapist is doing comprehensive evaluation and treatment services to the children with demonstrating delays in speech, communication and feeding skills. Our therapist programs are tailored most effectively to meet your child's need. Our qualified therapist skillful in using the augmentative devices can enhance communication skills in individual.

We look forward for an opportunity to render our services to your child and your family.